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Welcome to Thomas Younsi’s website

You've reached the internet home of Thomas Younsi. I have been focusing on integrating GPS silicon solution on Android OS, Windows 8 and iOS for the past two years. Before that I gain full understanding of video-on-demand, digital cinema value and music chains including content creation, media asset management, and security, DRM including video or audio, and network delivery using CDN networks and various client-side players for a wide range of devices including desktop computers, mobile phones or set top boxes.

I have competencies in :

  • C++ MFC and QT, C# .Net Human Interface including Skining
  • Microsoft COM/DCOM/ATL/WTL
  • Customization of all aspects of website's appearance in PHP using MySQL Database
  • Customization of all aspects of website's appearance in .NET
  • Action Script 3 using Flash CS5 and Flex Builder 3 and 4
  • Flash Media Server and integration with Content Delivery Networks
  • JAVA JNI C++ calling Java and Java calling C++
  • Google Android including test automation
  • Windows X86/x64/ARM Software
  • Apple MAC OS C++ Software
  • Matlab and Python
  • QuickTime SDK
  • On Demand Secure eCommerce Server with banking gateway
  • Middleware, Portal Technology
  • Content Management System
  • Document Management, Workflow
  • Media Asset Management
  • Video Encoding
  • Video Demux and Decoding
  • Video Indexing
  • Audio Encoding
  • Audio Decoding
  • DRM including Real Helix and Janus
  • Flash Video Playback using custom Video Playback Component and Live Video Component on Stage inside Flash CS5
  • Broadcast Post Production Authoring Software Development
  • Technical Strategic Alliances
  • E-Business
  • E-Learning
  • Storage Area Network
  • Broadcast Live Satellite Uplink
  • Streaming Server Windows Media Server/Real Server
  • Windows Installer Wix/Nullsoft

As a creator, I am so passionate about making high-quality products even better that I will donate my time, money and whatever else I can to the development of the right product.

Find out how I can help you today... Send me an email !
Thomas Younsi,

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